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We started Pocket style to solve the scheduling challenges in todays hair styling market. In most cases, clients have to make frantic calls to their favorite hair salons to book appointments but are frequently disappointed when the service cannot be delivered at their convenient time with the quality they wanted. Conversely, hair styling professionals may often sit idle on some days but experience overcrowding of clients on certain days and hours. The result of this market disconnect has an adverse effect that creates a poor service delivery and unnecessarily inflated prices. This is the challenge that we seek to solve. Pocket style exists to simplify the scheduling and transaction processes.  This we do by seamlessly and transparently connecting professionals as well as their clients in the industry. Our niche is to create a platform where customers can conveniently schedule with hair styling professionals on the time and price of service delivery they choose. We envision that by using Pocket style, clients will prefer to visit salons even at off-peak hours when prices are subsidized. For the hair styling professionals, unexpected client traffic that may be witnessed in pick hours or days and on days and hours that they traditionally have no clients balanced by making available their schedule transparently to customers.  Our vision is to become the platform of choice for hairstyling professionals and their clients who will benefit from our efficient scheduling capacity. Indeed, the Pocket style platform performs the scheduling as well as display expertise and service quality rating in one place by using multiple sources such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook in one location. We are confident that this approach will reduce the pricing burden of hair styling services and increase the income of professionals affiliated with us. Pocket style is indeed the ultimate solution to scheduling problems in the hairstyle industry!  

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