This section covers our list of Business policy for customers and professionals all are called hereafter, business partners. The list of a system includes all hair cut clients and hairdressing service requesting customers,  In this section, we will provide terms of use acceptable behavior, how partners deal their transaction on our platform and solving other problems as Identified. in general, this section covers all Hairstylist who provides services to our customers. 

We expect that customers have the right to chose the services that are essential to term. At the same time, customers understand professionals have limited resources such as time, money and space, then changing schedule after the booking has completed, impacts the hairstyles and barbers. We expect customers understand that and consider in their cancellation request choices.

Cancellation Policy 

Privacy Policy 

Attention: This Platform is is operated by A business in the state of Colorado. We are Independent. Any services offered on this website is comply with the state of Colorado and federal laws 

We ask our customers who are professional that do not have qualification and licences to refrain advertising themselves on our platform. we work hard to  to protect the privacy and security of personally identifiable information of our customers.


Business and Professional License Verification